Dr Lian Zhang

Project Leader

As one of the 200 Inaugural Future Fellowship Awardees across Australia in 2009, Dr Lian Zhang specialises in the Research, Development and Deployment related to a broad range of high-efficiency and low-emission clean energy technologies, particularly for the advanced utilisation of low-rank coal, biomass  and industry waste. He has also been conducting interdisciplinary research including hydrometallurgical leaching of low-rank coal and biochar for the selective removal of troublesome elements; extraction of specific metals to make construction materials such as MgO nanowires and MgO-Board from low-rank  coal fly ash and steelmaking slag; as well as the use of synchrotron – based facilities for both ex-situ and in-situ characterisation of a variety of solid products collected from the clean energy processes.

Dr Zhang’s role in the Hub is to develop advanced Mg-based nanoparticles and materials, and apply these materials in the construction industry.

Partner Investigator 

Dr Qunying Wang 

China Huadian Electric Power Research Institute