High Performance Construction Materials

Transforming and implementing new nano based materials into engineering products and processes for the construction industry. 


Graphene-based Optical Sensors for Construction Materials

Monash University's Associate Professor Qiaoliang Bao in collaboration with Advanced Functional Materials will explore the use of graphene and its potential for use in transforming construction materials.


Nano-science based construction materials for tunnels and underground structures

The Monash University team led by Professor Jian Zhao and in collaboration with Tritech Group look into the use of nano-based materials for use in future underground structures and tunnels.


Design development for geopolymer concrete in precast engineered component applications

Professor Vute Sirivivatnanon will lead a team at UTS, ACU and Cement Australia in investigating the design aspects of Geoploymer based materials.


Development of protocols for the use of aggregate minimising the likelihood of potentially adverse alkali silica reaction (ASR)

In conjunction with CCANZ, UTS researchers will seek to understand how to avoid the structural and long term issues caused by ASR.


Performance assessment and optimal design for nano and composite structures

This UNSW led project will investigate how nano-based materials perform. The team led by Associate Professor Wei Gao will work closely with the Australian based company Lindenbaum Pty Ltd


Optimal design of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement (MOC)

Dr Yixia (Sarah) Yang is investigating the best ways for using MOC in cement based materials with the support of UBIQ Australia.


Geopolymer Concrete incorporating carbon nanotubes and graphene

Professor Priyan Mendis will investigate the potential of carbon and graphene as viable materials in geopolymer concrete


3D Printing Concrete Research

3D printing is now common place and the team at University of Western Australia with Solar E Energy excellence will seek to see how the systems can be used in concrete structures.


The use of Brown Coal Ash as a Replacement of Cement in Concrete Masonry Bricks

The waste products from our coal fired power plants has application for recycling into