Concrete Structures

Developing high performance concrete materials with advanced nano-science based knowledge and technologies. These projects will analyse the behaviour of concrete to understand and improve structural performance. 


Nano-geopolymer composites for underground prefabricated structures

Dr Wengui Li of UTS has partnered with Wuhan Zihe Geotechnical Engineering based in China to determine the best use for geopolymers in underground prefab structures.


P38 Residual Load capacity of ASR-affected concrete structure & P40 Balanced alkali limit in cement for alkali-silica reaction risk-free concrete production

Professor Vute Sirivivatnanon in conjunction with Cement, Concrete and Aggregates Australia will look into preventing the potentially dangerous effects of ASR in concrete structures and how to produce concrete for the future free from the risks ASR pose to structural integrity.


Improving performance of stay in place (SIP) permanent formwork systems

The team at Western Sydney University working closely with CSR Structural systems will develop new and innovative solutions to SIP formwork systems that will change the way SIPs are used in the construction industry.


An Innovative Protective Structure on a Continuous Miner (CM) Against Dynamic Impact from Coalburst

University of Wollongong Project Leader Associate Professor Ting Ren will collaborate with Ironclad Mining to create protective structures in the mining industry.


Hybrid Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Concrete Tubular Piles

University of Wollongong have teamed up with Chinese based company Nanjing Fenghui Composite Material Co. Ltd to investigate the strength capacities for hybrid models of concrete foundations.


Structural health monitoring of road structures with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle image processing system

The use of drones in investigating and monitoring road structures has dramatically changed the speed and accuracy of structural health monitoring. The team at University of Melbourne are working with Chinese company Chongqing Ideal Tech to improve the utilisation of this technology.


The development of innovative Property Crowdfunding platform

Sustainable and resilient housing requires investment in new and innovative technologies like those developed in the hub. This venture seeks to analyse market forces and generate interest in the end users of nano based materials.


Novel hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double skin tubular truss bridge systems

The team at University of Queensland led by Professor Kitipornchai is developing revolutionary system for strong and resilient bridge structures.


Loading carry capacity of GFRP reinforced concrete structures

University of Western Australia will investigate fundamental analysis tools and systems in reinforced concrete structures. 


Deterioration modeling of bridge structures using visual inspection data

The RMIT Team led by professor Sujeeva Setunge in collaboration with VicRoads will look into the monitoring and analysis of bridge structures in Victoria.


Closing the gap between design and reality of energy retrofitted buildings

Swinburne University have teamed up with the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre to investigate the gaps in sustainable building trends and materials. Is sustainable housing meeting the targets it has set for itself? Where are the gaps? And how can we improve?