Polymer Composites

Polymeric materials play an important role in the construction industry as paints, composites and structural
components. These projects will develop new polymeric materials based on nano engineering to produce better
performing construction adhesives, waterproofing paints, flame retardent products and insulation.


Development of graphene (GO/rGO)-polymer composite ion exchange membranes for acid recovery and potential minerals recovery

One Atom 12 have joined Professor Huanting Wang and his team at Monash University to look into the flexibility of graphene as a polymer composite for use in much needed infrastructure in water purification.

Photo by NanoStockk/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by NanoStockk/iStock / Getty Images

Polymer construction materials based on nano-engineering

Deakin University Professor Qipeng Guo will investigate the links with nano-engineering and polymer based materials for use in construction with the support of Chinese company Jiangsu Shishong.


Enzyme based soil stabilisation for cost effective and resilient infrastructure

The RMIT led team will investigate the application of enzymes for enhancing the stability in various civil infrastructures through cost-effective solutions