In 2016 Monash University was awarded $5 million by the Australian Research Council to advance the development of construction materials. Based at the University’s Clayton campus the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Nanoscience based Construction Material Manufacturing (Nanocomm) is a multidisciplinary  and dynamic research Hub, drawing on the expertise of scientists and researchers from Monash and 51 collaborating and partner institutions including CSIRO, Australian and international universities, industry, international research centres and universities.

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The ARC Nanocomm Hub will provide a centralised platform to transform the construction materials industry into an advanced manufacturing sector delivering sustainable and resilient infrastructure assets. Collaborative and interdisciplinary projects will develop novel construction materials including  binders, cement additives, high performance concrete materials, concrete structural systems, polymer composites, and pavement materials. Enhancing the value of Australia’s construction materials industry through the advancement of nanoscience and nanoengineering.

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Our industry partners have committed top scientific leaders and resources that will enable the research environment to grow and create a strong concentration of resources and intellectual capacity to address issues such as sustainability, strength and durability of construction materials.



The Nanocomm Hub is the first step in a long term strategic commitment for Australia's construction sector. The dynamic and ground-breaking work undertaken by Nanocomm Hub has the potential to reach long-term sustainability as a co-operatively funded research centre for years to come.



The Nanocomm Hub is based and governed from Monash University, Clayton Campus. +61 3 9905 1984