University Partners

Researchers from all 13 partner institutions are collaborators on the 33 projects under the Nanocomm Hub programme.

Monash University is the administering organisation of the Nanocomm Hub but all other partner universities contribute skilled researchers leading projects across 5 Applied Research Themes.

1. Novel Clinker Cement Additives

2. High Performance Construction Materials

3. Concrete Structures

4. Polymer Composites

5. Pavement Behviours and Maintenance


Industry Partners

Here at Nanocomm Hub we are proud to be collaborating with companies who are at the forefront of innovation in construction materials innovation.

Each research project under the Nanocomm Hub programme is partnered with a collaborating company to ensure our research outputs are business-ready and marketable.

The unique collaborative approach of Nanocomm Hub structure is the key to our eventual success in advancing the construction materials sector in Australia.