Prof JN Reddy delivers short courses to Nanocomm members

ARC Nanocomm was proud to host Professor JN Reddy Distinguished Professor and inaugural holder of the Oscar S. Wyatt Endowed Chair in Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas for a series of short courses held across Australia in early July. 

Two day courses were held at Monash University, University of Queensland and UNSW.  

Professor Reddy is known for his research on mechanics of composite materials and for computational methods. Professor Reddy's research deals with 7- and 12-parameter shell theories, nonlocal and non-classical continuum mechanics problems, and problems involving couple stresses, surface stress effects, discrete fracture and flow, micropolar cohesive damage, and continuum plasticity of metals from considerations of non-equilibrium thermodynamics - as they appear in blood flow, bones, and materials with hard inclusions and phases.