Participation in Fibre Reinforced Polymer workshop - Wollongong

VicRoads, in conjunction with the International Centre for Composites in Infrastructure (ICCI) at the University of Wollongong hosted some of the world’s leading researchers and innovators in the field of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) strengthening of bridges at the VicRoads FRP Workshop on 9/­10 February 2017. Over two very full days, a full VicRoads Kew theatrette comprising attendees from VicRoads, industry and academia, heard from expert presenters including founding members of the ICCI, Professor Jin Guang Teng (Hong Kong Polytechnic University).

The packed workshop agenda included presentations on developments in design methodologies for strengthening of bridges with FRP. The workshop was completed successfully and the feedback from the attendees is very positive.

The workshop was run by Professor Scott Smith (Southern Cross University), Dr. Tao Yu (University of Wollongong). Other leading researchers from ARC Nanocomm Hub addressed the audience including Professor Wenhui Duan (Director of ARC Nanocomm Hub), Dr. Kesi Sagoe ­Crentsil (CSIRO & Deputy Director of ARC Nanocomm Hub), Professor Riadh Al­Mahaidi (Swinburne University of Technology), Professor Xiao Ling Zhao (Monash University), Professor Priyan Mendis (The University of Melbourne), Associate Professor Yu Bai (Monash University), Dr. Lihai Zhang (Melbourne University) and Dr. Yew­Chin Koay (VicRoads).