Hub Manager's Message

The ARC Nanocomm Hub has been in operation for almost 12 months and while the time has flown by so quickly, we have together already achieved so much. Please note the following important items of business for the new year.

ARC Reporting:

In the coming months we will start to prepare our annual progress reports for the ARC. We have very clear and defined commitments to the ARC and no doubt with your cooperation we will be able to demonstrate that this collaboration is a lucrative and solid investment for the Australian Government.

The Nanocomm Reporting Tool can be accessed at:
Please note, no other form of submission will be accepted.

Dates to note for reporting are:

·       Friday 9 February - Timely submission of KPIs

·       Thursday 15 February - Finance Reports Due

·       Wednesday 28 February - Absolute Deadline for submission of KPIs. (No submissions will be accepted after this date)


Annual Stakeholder Report:

Equally important is ensuring our industry partners are well aware of our research success. We will be putting together a public annual report in the early months of 2018 to distribute to our industry partners and key stakeholders. It is very important that the Nanocomm Hub and its members are engaged with our industry partners so that they are aware of all the great work being developed in the Hub. So, again, we will be seeking your cooperation to make this publication as representative of the entire Nanocomm hub as possible.

If you have stories, photos, notifications of prizes or awards, or reports on events etc you would like to include in our Annual Report, please contact