Early Successes

From time to time the Nanocomm Hub will highlight our research teams and their industry partners’ achievements and milestones. Three of our project teams have news to share in relation to their project progress.

Permanent steel formworks for concrete stairs.

A team led by Dr Amin Heidarpour in collaboration with Victoria-based Bao Engineering Pty Ltd successfully developed an innovative permanent steel formwork for concrete stairs. Their innovation produces a lighter stair constructed with less materials, is stronger and can be fabricated quicker saving significant labour and material costs.

Membrane filter product

Professor Huanting Wang along with Research Fellow Ms Hanaa Hegab: have developed a membrane product that filters waste water for acid recovery from mining operations. Western Australia-based project partner One Atom 12 is working towards the commercialisation of the membranes. 

Chao Chen and ARRB – Robotic Transverse Profiler (RTP)

Dr Chao Chen in partnership with the Australian Road Research Board, has developed a robot that crawls along sampling pavement with state-of-the art laser and ultrasonic sensors. The Robotic Transverse Profiler (RTP) takes frequent snapshots of pavement as it is applied with simulated heavy traffic to see how it deteriorates over time, determining which pavement materials will ensure good, reliable roads.

To share any such news, please get in touch with Claire on +61 3 9905 6925 Claire.Darling@monash.edu