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The number one aim of the Nanocomm Hub is to facilitate and promote collaboration between our researchers. Whether you are a Professor or a PhD student the Hub provides a platform for you to communicate about your interests in research. Access all the tools you need to keep up to date with hub activities.

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ARC Acknowledgement

The Australian Research Council (ARC) Funding Agreement requires that any ARC contribution to research and other activities be appropriately acknowledged. ARC Nanocomm should be referenced as follows: 'This research was conducted by the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Hub for nanoscience based construction material manufacturing (IH150100006) and funded by the Australian Government.'



KPI Reporting Tool

Enter and record all your hub stats, outputs, successes and outcomes here. The last day for KPI reporting is 31 January each year. Make sure you don't miss any. 



Policy and Document Bank


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