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Project Leader

Professor Bijan Samali

Professor Bijan Samali is Professor of Structural Engineering and the Director of Centre for Infrastructure Engineering at the Western Sydney University. He received his Doctorate degree from the George Washington University in Washington DC in 1984 in Dynamics of Structures.

As part of this Research Hub, he will lead an exciting program to optimise and improve the performance of AFS Logic walls with a smart permanent formwork system. This system is a product of CSR Building Products. The research involves the optimisation of exterior polymer based material as well as infill concrete and the structural unit by introducing nano-sized particles and other innovations.


Partner Investigator

Steven Darwell

‎Steven Darwell is the current General Manager for New Business Development at CSR Building Products Limited. As partner investigator on the ARC Nanocomm Hub, he will work closely with the research team to develop new formwork structures. 


Research Fellow

Dr Maryam Ghodrat

Dr Maryam Ghodrat has finished her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW Australia) and currently works as research fellow at Centre for Infrastructure Engineering, Western Sydney University. Before joining Western Sydney University, she was post doctorate research associate at School of Mechanical Engineering and Product Design, Swinburne University of Technology and research associate at UNSW.  She received her Master of Engineering in Project Management in 2010 from UNSW and obtained her Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in 2004.

Dr Ghodrat’s research history covers wide range of expertise from sustainable design, application of smart materials, process modelling, environmental impact analysis and life cycle assessment of recyclable materials, material chemistry, material characterization, advanced materials and material for energy.

Dr Ghodrat is one of the key researchers of material team at Western Sydney University who is in charge of the delivery of their research solution to their industry partner based on the specified requirements. Her role includes improving material characteristics of different components of the composite structure of the stay in place formwork and evaluation of the potential development of nano-scale polymer based materials with specific characteristics in SIP formwork systems.


PhD Student

Reza Bani-Ardalan

Reza Bani-Ardalan gained his Masters in Engineering Science - Civil Engineering (Construction Management Engineering) at The Science and Research University of Tehran, Iran in 2013. His thesis focused on the Application of Pozzolanic or Inert Iranian Local Powders in Self-Consolidating Concrete. Reza Bani-Ardalan has now moved to Western Sydney University to study his PhD with Professor Samali on the ARC Nanocomm Hub.


PhD Student

Nasim Salimraftar


PhD Student

Mr Shahab Khakpour