Dr Lian Zhang

Project Leader

As one of the 200 Inaugural Future Fellowship Awardees across Australia in 2009, Dr Lian Zhang specialises in the Research, Development and Deployment related to a broad range of high-efficiency and low-emission clean energy technologies, particularly for the advanced utilisation of low-rank coal, biomass  and industry waste. He has also been conducting interdisciplinary research including hydrometallurgical leaching of low-rank coal and biochar for the selective removal of troublesome elements; extraction of specific metals to make construction materials such as MgO nanowires and MgO-Board from low-rank  coal fly ash and steelmaking slag; as well as the use of synchrotron – based facilities for both ex-situ and in-situ characterisation of a variety of solid products collected from the clean energy processes.

Dr Zhang’s role in the ARC Nanocomm Hub is to develop advanced Mg-based nanoparticles and materials, and apply these materials in the construction industry.

Steven Wee

Partner Investigator

Chairman and Managing Director - Coal Energy Australia

Stephen has over 25 years of experience as resource project development and investment banker. He has extensive experience in the capital market, and working with government and industry.


Dr Tahereh Hosseini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Chemical Engineering

Dr Tahereh Hosseini graduated from University of Tehran (Iran) in Chemical Engineering with bachelor and master in engineering in 2007 and 2009. After three years of work in the oil and gas industries as a process engineer, she joined Monash University to complete her PhD study. During her PhD, She developed a novel process for a cost-effective and efficient utilisation of Victorian brown coal fly ash which in the meanwhile could capture CO2 too. Starting from October 2016,  she works as postdoctoral research fellow at Monash University aimed to develop a flow-sheet for Victorian brown coal pyrolysis. She also works on the development of novel technologies to produce value added products from Victorian brown coal fly ash.  She specialises in mineral and chemical processes design, development, simulation and flow-sheeting, techno-economic analysis as well as reactor design and kinetic modelling.

Dr Hosseini's role in the ARC Nanocomm Hub is to develop a novel process to produce MgO nanoparticles and also cement-additive materials applicable in the construction industry.