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Professor Vute Sirivivatnanon

Project Leader

Dr Vute Sirivivatnanon, B.E.(Tas), PhD (UNSW)

Vute has practiced as a Civil and Structure Engineer both in Australia and Singapore for 5 years before joining CSIRO in 1988 where he led a team of researchers conducting R&D in the use of industrial by-products in concrete, durability and service life design. He became research manager of Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) in 2006 and Professor of Concrete Engineering at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2013.

He is working with a team of UTS Construction Materials researchers in the area of alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) and its effect on structural capacity, sustainable concrete production, and the application of nano-materials in conventional and geopolymer concrete. He is passionate about quality construction and a member many Standards Australia committees including BD-002 and CE-012.

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Dr Wengui Li

Dr Li is a Lecturer and an ARC DECRA Fellow in School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Technology Sydney. He is a core member of Centre for Built Infrastructure Research (CBIR) in Construction Materials and Structural Engineering. He is members of American Institute of Concrete (ACI), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures (RELIM). Dr Li’s research motivation is to connect materials behaviours of concrete to structures performances. His current research interests ;include concrete composites, concrete nanotechnology, geopolymer concrete, durability under extremes, fire resistance, prefabricated structures and sustainable construction materials.

Dr Li holds an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) grant “Nanofiller reinforced concrete for high performance thermal energy storage” from 2015. He is also a Chief Investigator in the ARC Research Hub (the Nanoscience based construction material manufacturing) from 2016. Currently, Dr Li has been the reviewers for a number of international Journals in the areas of concrete materials and structures. Up to now, Dr Li has published more than 20 referred international journal papers.


Dr Shami Nejadi

Chief Investigator

Dr Shami Nejadi has received his Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from IUT (Iran) in 1984, Master Degree in Structural Engineering from METU (Turkey) in 1990, and PhD Degree in Structural Engineering from UNSW (Australia) in 2005.

Based on his almost 20 years of broad experience in industry, academic and research positions nationally and internationally, Dr Nejadi is fully prepared to develop new areas in research independently and by collaborating with other national and international researchers. Prior to joining UTS, he served as a site and supervisor engineer, senior structural design engineer, senior researcher, senior structural analyst, and structural specialist engineer for more than 15 years both in overseas and in Australia.

Shami is one the school's postgraduate studies supervisors in the Civil and Civil & Structural Engineering majors. He is the lecturer and coordinator of several undergraduate and postgraduate subjects in our school. Dr Nejadi is a member of e-Learning research group with a particular interest in developing online and face-to-face teaching strategies.


Dr Rijun Shrestha

Chief Investigator

Dr Shrestha is a Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a core member of CBIR - Centre for Built Infrastructure Research. He has a Grad Certificate in Engineering, PhD. His research interests include, Timber Engineering - timber Solutions for multi-residential and commercial structures, Development of Engineered Bamboo using low-tech methods, Use of FRP for repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete and timber structures, and Finite Element Modelling.


Dr Emre Erkmen

Chief Investigator

Dr Erkmen is a Lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and a core member of CBIR - Centre for Built Infrastructure Research. He has obtained B.E, M.S.A, PhD.