Professor Lian Zhang - Chief Investigator (Monash)

Dr Lian Zhang specialises in the development and deployment of a broad range of high-efficiency and low-emission clean energy technologies, in particular the advanced utilisation of low-rank coal, biomass and industrial waste. Professor Zhang also conducts interdisciplinary research on hydrometallurgical leaching of low-rank coal and biochar for the selective removal of troublesome elements.

Dr Zhang’s role in the Hub is to develop advanced Mg-based nanoparticles and materials, and apply these materials in the construction industry.

Dr Xiaojiang Wu - Hubei Yihua Group


Bai Qian Dai.png

Dr Bai-qian Dai - Research Fellow (Monash)

Dr Dai completed a PhD focussing on co-gasification for the purpose of improving the efficient use of low-rank fuels. His postdoctoral research project examines fly ash vitrification. His research interests include clean coal technology, ash slagging, energy evaluation for process design and fly ash utilisation. He has more than 10 publications in high quality journals in the solid fuel area.