Dr Lian Zhang

Project Leader

As one of the 200 Inaugural Future Fellowship Awardees across Australia in 2009, Dr Lian Zhang specialises in the Research, Development and Deployment related to a broad range of high-efficiency and low-emission clean energy technologies, particularly for the advanced utilisation of low-rank coal, biomass  and industry waste. He has also been conducting interdisciplinary research including hydrometallurgical leaching of low-rank coal and biochar for the selective removal of troublesome elements; extraction of specific metals to make construction materials such as MgO nanowires and MgO-Board from low-rank  coal fly ash and steelmaking slag; as well as the use of synchrotron – based facilities for both ex-situ and in-situ characterisation of a variety of solid products collected from the clean energy processes.

Dr Zhang’s role in the Hub is to develop advanced Mg-based nanoparticles and materials, and apply these materials in the construction industry.


Research Fellow

Anthony De Girolamo

Anthony De Girolamo recently submitted his PhD thesis which was completed at Monash University in the field of Chemical Engineering. His previous research includes beneficiation of low-rank coal and the subsequent utilization of the upgraded product for combustion through experimental and modelling studies. Anthony De Girolamo has also conducted research on the analysis and mitigation of ash deposition in a coal-fired boiler. He has been appointed as a Research Associate in the ARC NanoComm Hub. His current research interests include the production of beneficiated Victorian brown coal for the improvement of the rotary kiln cement production process.


Research Fellow

Bai-qian Dai